millenial couple blog

Who’s Team Jaizel?

Jaizel is formed by combining our names: Jaimes and Krizel. We are from a beautiful province in the Philippines, breathing fresh air and enjoying nearby pretty beaches and many other tripping destinations. We are both employed and owns a business as well. In part with this, we are on search for many other opportunities to achieve our long and short-term goals as we leave the 20’s age bracket in just few years from now.

Why We Blog

In more than five years of being in love with each other, we made memories, stumbled and rose again on struggles, make decisions, celebrate events and live life. As went through all this, we realized that we should share those experiences not to brag but to serve as a guide and help others that might also come across those points in life. Blogging is also a great way of cherishing the memories we make.

Future Plans

Millennial kids are very influential so our goals were slightly swayed. We want to travel and experience life more by working less. Yes, that’s having a work-life balance. To have a sufficient cash flow to fund our simple lifestyle and to raise money for our wedding in few years time. Inspire others and share tips as we journey together.