About Team Jaizel

Hi there! Happy you made it through this About page. It means you want to know more about the persons behind this blog, right? Then, we’ll be happy to introduce ourselves even for a few paragraphs.

In the homepage, we wrote that Jaizel was formed by combining our names: Jaimes and Krizel, the couple/authors. We are in a relationship for five years now. And with this blog, we are aiming for a stronger bond and a brighter future as we walk into the advent of being adults in a few years to come. But even we are a team here, I think I, Jaimes, will be doing 90% of the work here. Haha!

Hello I am Jaimes. I have been blogging for a quite time now but have not seamlessly focused on it. Opportunities were missed, stories were not published, growth were hindered and of course, the monetary benefits it entail.

As the passion blooms once again, I convince myself to pursue blogging and keep inside the bandwagon of endless online opportunities. Join us as we write on this digital pages, share our stories and reach our goals. We’ll try our best to help others with this blog as we cater topics of our interest such as travel, entrepreneurship, eCommerce and other online income opportunities.