Ace Water Spa, Staycation and Dining Experience

I have been very busy these past few weeks due to relocation of our printing business. Plus, the weather has been dubious so going on far destinations were harder to do. So to loosen up a bit and relieve body and mind stresses, we decided to visit a place suited for it: Ace Water Spa.

Photo not mine. All Credits to Ace Water Spa.

It was a long weekend and my car was also ready for a long drive from batangas to manila. After having a voucher from Metrodeal, we scheduled our trip, confirmed it via call and drove our way to Ace Water Spa located in Pasig. Our trip was shortly planned but went smoothly. Let me share.

We had MedtroDeal voucher that packs accomodation at Ace Hotel Pasig for a night including a breakfast buffet and Ace Water Spa tickets for two at a discounted price of P4200. The original price was P6864 if you’re going to walk-in without the voucher, so the discount was a warm welcome.

Ace Hotel & Suites

We parked at the Hotel parking located at the right side. It’s free for checked-in guests, just don’t forget to get your stub at the counter. Ace Hotel was generally nice. The room was spacious and has a complete set of items and toiletries. The view was overlooking the city of Pasig. There’s no bath tub but you’ll be indulged with plenty pools at the ground floor anyway. Haha.

Ace Water Spa review

The restroom was so clean. I think, it has every item you needed to be there. Haha.

Ace Water Spa review

Ace Water Spa

Photo not mine. All Credits to Ace Water Spa.

I am not a spa or massage savvy but I was excited and perplexed at the same time on what I was about to experience as I had no idea what a water spa is (Sorry, promdi :p). My girlfriend was the one who dragged me into this as it was referred by her co-workers.

After registering at the counter, we paid for our swimming attire as we did not bring any. Note that the management is strict on implementing their dress code. I paid 100 for swimming trunks and my gf paid 200 for her swimsuit. You can also bring your own as long as it’s made of a material called spandex; no dri-fits! Also, picture taking in the locker and pool area is prohibited.

We entered separate locker rooms. We deposited our shoes to the counter and he gave us the locker keys which you can wear as a bracelet while swimming. There were plenty of shower rooms available. After changing my attire, I went down to the pools. At the entrance, you will be given a shower cap. It is required and must not be removed while inside the pool area.

Hydro Theraphy

Did know that Ace Water Spa has 25 hydromassage systems? There are also hot herbal pools, a cold pool, sauna, steam and Olympic-sized pool. A button switch located nearby the pockets of pool must be pressed to turn it ON. There are signage bearing the name, it’s benefits, targeted body parts, and recommended time. After a couple of minutes, the jets of water will stop by itself and you have to press it again if you want to repeat the process.

My favorite was the water acupuncture one shown at first picture. You can lie down while tiny jets of water acts as a needle and pinch your whole body. Its very relaxing as I almost dozed off. The massage chair wass also memorable as strong jets of water massages your back, buttocks, legs and feet.

Herbal Pools. Photo not mine. All Credits to Ace Water Spa.

We were also thrilled by the herbal pools. First, i thought there will be real petals or leaves scattered on the water. But nonetheless, it really smelled like herbs plus the color of the lights commanded the aura. Every herbal pool has a temperature setting. We tried the 36-degree Celsius Lavender pool, then we went higher at 37-degree Celsius on the Mint pool but we failed to try the 38-degree Celsius one as we can’t bear its heat anymore.

Near the herbal pools were the sauna and steam baths. We tried it and only stayed a few minutes. But note that these high temperatures are not suitable for those with heart conditions as also stated on signages.

Sky Garden


skygarden ace, ace hotel restaurant, steakhouse ace, fine dining pasig

In the evening, we tried fine dining at The Sky Garden Steak House. The ambient was nice and they can set up special table for couples. We had free two glasses of red wine. The steak was tender and the flaming cake was awesome.

We had our breakfast at the Sky Garden Lounge in the morning. In fairness, there were plenty of cuisine to choose from. The food were also yummy.

Sky High Bar

sky high bar, pasig bar, ace water spa
We also tried the bar on the 21st floor where you can have a 360-degree view of Metro Manila skyline. What a cool place to hang out with friends.

Ace waterspa, pasig staycation, pasig massage

We had a nice experience overall. Is it worth recommending to other? Well, our answer is yes! We certainly enjoyed it and going with your family would be a great idea. Plus, that feeling of the water massaging your body will be a unique and memorable one.

Ace Water Spa

Rates: P550 adult ; P250 kid (4ft & below height)
Opens DAILY from 6am-10pm.
Tel: 628-1888 local 5101 (PASIG) 367-8040 to 41 (QC)

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