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Valentine Gift Ideas for Girlfriend / Boyfriend

We can now count on our fingers how many days are left ’til Valentines. This day is full of controversies as it keeps disappearing from the calendar of single men and women. On the other hand, it is when the ladies in a relationship gets very excited as to what gift they will receive from their boyfriends. Thus, giving so much pressure on us. Haha! Still struggling thinking? I’ll show you some romantic Valentine gift […]

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Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort

Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort | Beach Camp

The heat was on and our barkada’s longing for another bonding trip after long irksome months of work. Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort was a great match as raised by one of us after her Zambales trip recently. Other famous beaches in the region, Anawangin and Potipot, was crowded already so choosing where to go was easy. How to go? The trip was planned easily and with less preparation. We didn’t had any reservation, just a […]

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Singapore Botanic Garden and National Orchid Garden Tour

We all know that Singapore offers a lot of tourist attractions, but there’s one that made my trip more colorful and memorable. Pretty flowers, exotic blooms, and fresh air will surely bring out the love of nature in you. Experience it too by visiting Singapore Botanic Garden. Singapore Botanic Garden History The garden was founded on its present site by an agri-horticultural society in 1859. It played a huge part on the boom of rubber […]

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calaguas travel guide 2017 2018

Calaguas Beach, the Favorite: Travel Guide & Itinerary

Recently, someone created a poll in a facebook travel group and asked which of the Philippine beaches they visited is their favorite. Do you know the top answer? It’s Calaguas beach, and it was a landslide victory. Calaguas island is my personal favorite as well. Even though getting there is not that easy – eight hours on the bus and two hours on rough ocean, it was definitely worth it. So if you are starting […]

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cintai coritos garden, cintai coritos garden day tour, cintai coritos rates

Cintai Coritos Garden Day Tour and Buffet Lunch

Bali is a tourist destination in Indonesia that’s frequently listed on many travelers’ bucket list. We also wanted to visit that place but the distance, budget and time are of hindrance. Thanks to the web, we found a Balinese-inspired garden at very close proximity. Located at Sitio Pandayan, Batangas, we found another haven within our reach. In a jiffy, we inquired for a Cintai Coritos Garden day tour. Technically, there’s a day tour listed on […]

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cafe at the ranch taal batangas

Cafe at the Ranch Taal: Snap and Dine in Batangas

Taal packs amazing old houses that take you through centuries. And tucked just a few minutes from the highway is this ranch with an ancestral house at the middle turned into a cafe, hence named Cafe at the Ranch. Growing in a very simple life at a small ancestral house surrounded by lots of trees together with the sound of the waves touching the shore painted my childhood memories. I was raised by my late […]

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Baler Tour 2d1n Travel Guide, Budget, Itinerary

Have you started planning your getaway activities on 2018? It won’t be long `til the dark clouds vanish from the sky and the sun beams steadily again. With that, here’s a quick suggestion for you — head north of the Philippines for a Baler Tour! When we hear of Baler, there’s this activity that will come first into our minds…surfing! Definitely, the place offers an excellent surfing experience that everyone can enjoy. Yes, even for […]

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valentino resorts and spa blog

Valentino Resort and Spa: Weekend Stay Review and Rates

Batangas, my home province, packs plenty of places to offer when you need to relax, unwind and reunite with nature. It’s just few hours away from the metro, and getting here won’t be hard on the budget. Many are searching for affordable Batangas resorts with swimming pool around. Here’s a nice one. We will be featuring resorts, beaches, hotels and point of interests travelers will enjoy. Growing our list of Batangas’ attractions, here’s a splendid […]

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tagaytay weekend travel

Tagaytay Tourist Spots for Weekend Getaway Trip

Tagaytay in the south is indeed a very popular place to a quick weekend road trip and staycation for people living in nearby provinces and even from metro manila. May it be sembreak, valentine’s day, lent, or the long summer season, the place has lots to offer. Maybe it’s because of the strategic and very accessible location, plenty of fancy restaurants, and hotels. A whole day getaway trip or two will scrape the stress out […]

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Singapore Tourist Spots on a Budget: Travel Guide Blog

The Super trees, big Merlion statue and Universal Studios are just few of the numerous Singapore tourist spots that are associated with this prominent country. It is not surprising that Singapore is one of the most popular travel destinations all over the world. I usually hear very good feedback from people who have set foot there. Picturesque locations are seen everywhere on posters, movies and on the web. And being an open country, entering as […]

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