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First Time Flying Abroad – Here’s My Experience | Fly to SG

First time flying abroad was indeed a memorable one. I had fun, despite some fear of heights. The pops in my ear as the altitude changes, demo of stewardess, and my favorite: touchdown of wheels to the runway are what I cherish in every flight I hopped into. Now that I crossed this on my bucket-list, it’s time to share my experience and some tips when travelling out of the country for the first time. […]

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Quarter-Life Crisis, Symptoms and Effects on Millenials

Are you in your late 20s? How was it? For me this might be the most stressful episode of life. Haha. Everyone wants a better future: steady flow of income, healthy life, lasting relationships and good amount of leisure. I seldom think of those during my early twenties, but now it’s starting to creep in and colonize inside my head. This must be a symptom of what they call “quarter-life crisis.” What is Quarter-Life Crisis? […]

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Digital Printing Shop – My Brick and Mortar

Here’s a CCTV shot of my brick and mortar store. It’s a small digital printing shop located at Batangas City, Philippines. Let me tell you how it started in this short post. It was year 2015 when my calling to entrepreneurship was heard. After my first failed attempt of making money online, I thought of having a tangible brick and mortar store instead. “Maybe I need to learn first in the real world…” That’s what […]

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self-employed vs employee

Self-employed vs Employee or Both?

Is it possible to be both an employee and an entrepreneur? Or do you need to choose just one? Society’s Norm I was born in a country wherein parents send their children to school, tell them to get good grades so they can have a good job and make money in the future. This norm can also be seen in other countries, but being in a not-so-rich country gives you a heavier exposure, thus, making […]

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Entrepreneurship story: How I Started

Entrepreneurship stories are one of the most inspiring articles we can find. It gives us hope and sparks ideas. Let me share with you a short version of mine as I start being a simple entrepreneur. I am an engineer, and I’m living the dream of my childhood. But why does it seems I am still searching for something? After acquiring my license as a mechanical engineer, I was very glad. It was a tough […]

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transfer blogger wordpress

Why I moved from Blogger to WordPress

  After being officially back online, I wanted some changes and try something new. Back then, I used blogger as my blogging platform. It was simple, very easy to use and has all the basic tools you need on starting a blog. Also, it does not need extra effort on putting your site on first page of Google search, or what you can do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To improve my site’s look and […]

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blogger why

Going Back to Blogging

It was in 2014 when I began the hunt for other income opportunities aside from my day job as an engineer. Fact is our paycheck here in our country are just a small fraction compared to those working abroad. That’s why many skilled workers and professionals preferred to go somewhere, to suffice their financial needs. Blogging was blooming then (up to now), and many joined the bandwagon to try their luck. I was indecisive at […]

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blog for everybody, earn blogging, start blog

Is Blogging for Everyone?

“I am not a good writer, can I also start a blog?” “My grammar skills are below average, will blogging suit me?” There are plenty of questions such as the ones above that we encounter as we read some encouraging blog posts and thought of starting one for ourselves. More interest can be felt as we discover that blogging can also generate side income, or not. It can be your main cha ching generator if […]

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