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Bumped: How I Processed Car Insurance Claim

One requirement of having a car under installment mode of payment is a Comprehensive Car Insurance. It serves as a protection for the car owner and the bank for unforeseeable incidents and acts of nature that may damage the car. Having one can give you peace of mind and will save you money in case you need a claim. Note that different car insurance companies have different requirements and processes in dealing with insurance claims, […]

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Joining a Car Club in the Philippines: Benefits

No man is an island. Who’s not familiar with that saying? Since we’re young, society tell us that numbers give us strength. It is but normal for us to search for a group, a club or a community where we meet new people – to blend in, contribute and to feel we belong. For first time car owners like me, searching for a club was a top priority. My goal was to read reviews and […]

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Quarter-Life Crisis, Symptoms and Effects on Millenials

Are you in your late 20s? How was it? For me this might be the most stressful episode of life. Haha. Everyone wants a better future: steady flow of income, healthy life, lasting relationships and good amount of leisure. I seldom think of those during my early twenties, but now it’s starting to creep in and colonize inside my head. This must be a symptom of what they call “quarter-life crisis.” What is Quarter-Life Crisis? […]

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Why I moved from Blogger to WordPress

  After being officially back online, I wanted some changes and try something new. Back then, I used blogger as my blogging platform. It was simple, very easy to use and has all the basic tools you need on starting a blog. Also, it does not need extra effort on putting your site on first page of Google search, or what you can do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To improve my site’s look and […]

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Going Back to Blogging

It was in 2014 when I began the hunt for other income opportunities aside from my day job as an engineer. Fact is our paycheck here in our country are just a small fraction compared to those working abroad. That’s why many skilled workers and professionals preferred to go somewhere, to suffice their financial needs. Blogging was blooming then (up to now), and many joined the bandwagon to try their luck. I was indecisive at […]

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Is Blogging for Everyone?

“I am not a good writer, can I also start a blog?” “My grammar skills are below average, will blogging suit me?” There are plenty of questions such as the ones above that we encounter as we read some encouraging blog posts and thought of starting one for ourselves. More interest can be felt as we discover that blogging can also generate side income, or not. It can be your main cha ching generator if […]

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