my first drone

Buying My First Drone

You’re thinking of buying a drone, too? I would like to share my thoughts and experiences on buying my first drone. Maybe I can help.   Being a blogger, documenting, taking pictures and capturing different angles on our travels are crucial. Famous bloggers own one or more, and it really make their posts stand out. You can reveal the hidden beauty of the place, secret pockets of beaches and beautiful formations only visible up high. […]

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joining a car club, car club philippines,

Joining a Car Club in the Philippines: Benefits

No man is an island. Who’s not familiar with that saying? Since we’re young, society tell us that numbers give us strength. It is but normal for us to search for a group, a club or a community where we meet new people – to blend in, contribute and to feel we belong. For first time car owners like me, searching for a club was a top priority. My goal was to read reviews and […]

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