Ace Water Spa, Staycation and Dining Experience

I have been very busy these past few weeks due to relocation of our printing business. Plus, the weather has been dubious so going on far destinations were harder to do. So to loosen up a bit and relieve body and mind stresses, we decided to visit a place suited for it: Ace Water Spa. It was a long weekend and my car was also ready for a long drive from batangas to manila. After […]

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cafe at the ranch taal batangas

Cafe at the Ranch Taal: Snap and Dine in Batangas

Taal packs amazing old houses that take you through centuries. And tucked just a few minutes from the highway is this ranch with an ancestral house at the middle turned into a cafe, hence named Cafe at the Ranch. Growing in a very simple life at a small ancestral house surrounded by lots of trees together with the sound of the waves touching the shore painted my childhood memories. I was raised by my late […]

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