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Earn From Home: Redbubble POD Review + Personal Shop

Make money at the comfort of your house? Working from home has been the norm since the global pandemic started. It was a rare practice in the past that only a very few profession made use of. Among them are computer programmers, developers, designers, and business process outsourcing agents (call centers agents) to name a few. But now, we are amazed that many jobs can be rendered from home and many can make a profit at home. We will focus on the latter for now.

The website in the hotseat for today is Redbubble. 

Redbubble was born in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. The dream was simple. Give independent artists a meaningful new way to sell their creations. Today, we connect over 700,000 artists and designers across the planet with millions of passionate fans. A brave (and dare we say stylish) new world of self expression.

The above image tells all. You, the content creator uploads your own work. It can be a beautiful landscape you took on one of your travels, or a digital art you sketched on your iPad. As long as it’s your original work and not a copyrighted material, then you are good to go.

redbubble artist earn

Above is a preview of my personal Redbubble shop. As an artist, I was searching of how to earn even a few amount while doing what i love. And this is what Redbubble comes in. I was hesitant at first because I am not from the US where many Redbubble customers are from. But, after checking on some artist profiles of featured artist, I found out that Redbubble shop owners are from all over the world.

In the Philippines, many people does not know Redbubble. But it does not mean not to be involved here. Since I started back in November 2020. I have only sold 2 designs, haha. But it amounted $7.89 since it depends on the product the customer ordered.

There are lots of products to choose from on Redbubble. Each category offers hundreds of products and multiple variants. These categories includes:

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Kids & Babies
  • Device Cases
  • Stickers
  • Wall Art
  • Home Decor
  • Stationery
  • Bags
  • Gifts

As time goes by, I think many discovers my shop and this is what keeps me from wishing that someday I will get constant sales. I also hope that Redbubble will make me a Featured artist as it will definitely give a lot of exposure.

For now, here are some of my works:

I usually create cute monsters and characters that’s great for stickers, shirts, mouse pad, pillows and many more.

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