Entrepreneurship story: How I Started

Entrepreneurship stories are one of the most inspiring articles we can find. It gives us hope and sparks ideas. Let me share with you a short version of mine as I start being a simple entrepreneur.

entrepreneurship story

I am an engineer, and I’m living the dream of my childhood. But why does it seems I am still searching for something?

After acquiring my license as a mechanical engineer, I was very glad. It was a tough journey from college to taking the national board exam, so being a professional was indeed a goal unlocked. I immediately applied for work and job interview invitations came in. Weeks later, I got a Quality Check engineer post for a construction company. It was a tough experience as I didn’t had enough training, and was the youngest in the team. But what stressed me most was the long working days of Mondays to Saturdays. There was not enough time for my hobbies, or even the chance to go new places. After finishing my contract of six months, I left the construction firm.

A couple of months had passed and I got a call from a power generation company. I passed a panel interview and was accepted as a trainee engineer at first. The offer was just tad higher, but working in a power plant is one of the most fitting job for a mechanical engineer. Two years of it was a regular Monday to Friday struggle, then I applied for a transfer at the operations department with a four-days-on, four-days-off schedule. With that additional free time, I had a hint of something that I felt was missing for years. My brainstorming began.

The pay was below what I expected on working in a power generation company. It was indeed way lower compared to US, UK, Middle East, Australia, and other countries’ salaries where most seeking engineers go. But the pay check was not the main issue, although I wanted to earn more to be honest. So, I decided to seek for jobs overseas but failed due to lack of experience. Maybe I was rushing, or maybe those were not for me. I treated those rejections constructively. With this, the idea of being an entrepreneur that has been knocking inside me began its way out.

entrepreneurship story

After some persuasions with my father, I finally got my first business partner. He’s more of an investor, actually. The business idea I proposed  to him and was running relentlessly on my mind relates to a talent I have not used for a long, long time — my gift for visual arts. In relation to that, I thought of starting a digital printing shop. That’s why the picture above was a printing machine.

The specifics on how our first months went is a lengthy topic and will be on a separate post. Today I am a mixed-income earner as I continue my four-days on/off job as an operations engineer and I help manage our business during my rest days. Will I continue to be on both sides? We’ll have to find that out.

Thanks for taking the time to read how I started my entrepreneurship story. Please stay tuned for more posts in relation to the above article. I will constantly update this journey of mine and will try to share my experiences and learning with you.

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