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It was in 2014 when I began the hunt for other income opportunities aside from my day job as an engineer. Fact is our paycheck here in our country are just a small fraction compared to those working abroad. That’s why many skilled workers and professionals preferred to go somewhere, to suffice their financial needs.

Blogging was blooming then (up to now), and many joined the bandwagon to try their luck. I was indecisive at first but I did took action after convincing my inner self. My learning in journalism back then gave me extra confidence to compose blog posts in the present. Through those articles, I can radiate my message not just in school but also in the whole world.

I was doing good at first and tried to post almost everyday. I also learned a few codes to customize my site the way I like it to work and look with the help of other bloggers. It was the passion that drove me. But a time came that hindered me from creating any more posts…and it was because of a girl, not a girlfriend but a girl, I hope you read my implicit line. After I though it out and cleaned my mess, I find it hard to go back to blogging. Many days, and weeks were blank, and I didn’t had the motivation to click that New Post button. And that’s how my good-old-blog ended.

Blogging Kept Haunting

I wonder if other bloggers who quit felt the same. It was chilling inside, like a heroine you’re not allowed to take. I felt the pressure inside me and it can’t go out. To mend my longing feeling, I constantly read articles, join groups on Facebook and web forums that are composed of people who love to blog and earn online.

It’s hard to let go and it kept haunting me. Then I said to myself, I will be back. I just need time and money. But when I had the cash that was allotted for my hosting and other stuff, I became weary to start again.

Blog Again!

So I found a way on how to bring back my eagerness to blog again. I searched for the benefits, and found helpful YouTube videos and posts that helped me lift up my vigor. Aside from doing again what I love, I can earn lots of money and I can even quit my job (says many gurus). Being an INTJ (search 16 personalities), I am not into gurus and more of a “try-it-myself” guy. So here I am trying new things. Online shops are booming. I read a lot about Facebook ads driving crazy traffic and sales on many digital shops that you can semi-automate. It’s just wow, and now I am taking action.

In my journey to achieving my goals, and trying things myself, I will post my experiences and share them all to you. I will be posting some personal events also as I needed an outlet and would serve as milestones in life. You can do it too, let’s take action together. And if you’re a former blogger like me, I advise you to go back as soon as you can! Cheers.

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