Hong Kong Macau 4D3N Itinerary | Day 2: Disneyland and Peak Tram

Hong Kong Disneyland and Peak Tram


Who wouldn’t love Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters? Some would say, Hong Kong Disneyland is just for kids, we say it’s for kid’s at heart and for those who wanna have fun!

We certainly had fun on our first day but the excitement was still intact as we move on to our 2nd day itinerary. But again, we got off our bed late in the morning due to a slight fever of my partner. We had to rest for a while and waited for the medicine to take effect. So guys, don’t forget to bring your medicine for situations like this.

The usual tandem for Disneyland is Ngong Ping 360 on Lantau Island. It’s a gondola lift or cable car of more than 5 kilometers long. You can see a marvelous view of Hong Kong from above together with a big statue of Buddha in the island.

But due to change of mind, we tried to do Peak Tram first to try if we can cover Peak Tram-Ngong Ping-Disneyland combo trip. Had we? Please read on.

We alighted at Central station around 10am. Following Google Maps, we walked for around half an hour towards Peak Tram. We then saw a lengthy line of tourists buying a ticket. Lesson here is to buy your ticket on Klook or travel agencies to avoid the hassle we experienced.

After enduring the lengthy line, we boarded the tram to find out that seats were all taken. Yes, they will not say whether it’s full or not, so my advice is to move closer to the doors in order for you to have a seat. It’s hard to stand on the moving tram ‘cause the track is steep going up the hill. Furthermore, you’ll miss the gorgeous view of Hong Kong skyline on the right.

We arrived at the Peak Tower after around 10 minutes later. It is dubbed as one of the most stylish architectural icons in Hong Kong with an avant-garde design representing the epitome of modern architecture. Inside, you’ll find lots of restaurants, pasalubong shops, 3D Adventure, Madame Tussauds and Sky Terrace 428.

Our HKD100 includes a Sky Terrace entrance which is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong offering a stunning 360-degree panoramic view. You can feel its altitude at 428 meters above sea level as the air was already cold despite the noon sun. After enjoying the view and snapping some photos, it was 1 PM already and we hurriedly departed so we can have more time in Disneyland.



I know, arriving past lunch time in Disneyland won’t give you enough time to roam the whole park. That’s why we took a taxi to the MTR station at HKD24 (minimum fare) so we can maximize our time there. We followed MTR app again and arrived at the Disney Line. Here, you’ll feel more excitement with the Disney-inspired train with its windows shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head.

We haven’t took our lunch. Yeah, we almost forgot albeit the rumbling of our stomachs. There’s a scheduled grand parade at 3:30 PM so we proceeded to USA street first to witness it. Thank goodness we’re just in time!


The parade was cool; Disney characters were everywhere. The sound was very catchy and the performers were all-smile and talented. It’s the most alive and nicest parade I’ve ever watched.


Tip: Download the Official App of Disneyland. It’s so helpful. You can navigate the whole park using it. It has accurate gps map, You can browse all the attractions, shows and rides. You can even see the estimate of queue. That’s very useful especially if you have less than the whole day of visit or during crowded time like holidays and weekends.

We browsed the Main Street, USA and glanced some shops. While breezley walking, we saw sleeping Beauty castle under construction during our visit, meaning we won’t see any fireworks in the evening.

We went to Adventureland section and saw Moana. Other attractions in this section are Lion King show, Tarzan’s tree and Jungle River Cruise. Next stop is Toy Story land where you can experience some cool rides. Check out Parachute drop ride, it’s like Extreme of Enchanted Kingdom.

There’s an attraction that caught our attention with its rustic-looking castle, Mystic Manor. I recommend this ride as it’s a combination of 3D ride where you’ll spin, travel around the artifacts that come to life with cool visual effects. We even recorded the whole adventure with our phone.

Then we tried an indoor-outdoor roller coaster called Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. There are no lines so we go directly to the coasters. Being allergic to roller coasters, I closed my eyes half of the time. But it’s definitely fun, if you’re looking for thrills and scenic ride to the mines.

Having not eaten lunch yet, we headed to Karibuni Marketplace where food stalls are located. We had this yummy ice cream to relieve our hunger, but we immediately gained energy as we saw and had photos with Russell and Carl of the movie Up.

As the golden hour came, we headed to the gates, have our hands stamped so we can go back again and took pictures at the welcome arch of Disneyland.


Upon our return, they scanned the invisible inks in our hand. Cool. We then headed and saw the most amazing parade ever. Hahah. Of course we didn’t forgot to buy souvenir shirts at the shops which put a hole in our pocket at around HKD 199 each. Hahah!

Here’s some of our golden hour photoshoot. The guests are just few so we didn’t had very hard time finding some spots for picture-taking.

We spent the night roaming around and checking for available rides on the app. But most of the rides and shows stopped at 7pm. We ride Iron Man Experience lastly before checking out the jaw-dropping parade of lights. It’s not an outright replacement for the fireworks but definitely worth seeing.

We also went to souvenir shops which were crowded despite the high price tag of the items for sale.



Additional Tips:

  • Do not waste your time by copying our Peak Tram-Disneyland itinerary. They are far from each other and the travel time took much time. Go to Ngong Ping instead.
  • Go there at weekdays which is not a holiday. You don’t want to waste your time queuing in long lines.
  • Buy ticket online for discounts and faster access. Note that some Klook Tickets cannot be bought on the day itself. So always buy in advance.


Second Day. Peak Tram and Hong Kong Disneyland

07:30 AM – Wake Up. (Not feeling well due to colds)
09:00 AM – MTR.
10:00 AM – Walk to Peak Tram
11:00 AM – Arrival at Peak Tram.
12:30 PM – Got our tickets. Wew.
01:00 PM – Arrival at The Peak, Enjoy the view
02:00 PM – Depart at The Peak
02:30 PM – Taxi to Central MTR HKD 24
03:30 PM – Arrival at Disneyland. Enjoy!
09:00 PM – Depart at Disneyland
10:00 PM – Dinner at KFC TST
11:00 PM – Lights Off

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