Is Blogging for Everyone?

“I am not a good writer, can I also start a blog?” “My grammar skills are below average, will blogging suit me?”

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There are plenty of questions such as the ones above that we encounter as we read some encouraging blog posts and thought of starting one for ourselves. More interest can be felt as we discover that blogging can also generate side income, or not. It can be your main cha ching generator if optimized well.

It is normal nowadays that we see articles about working online, earning money using the internet or even quitting our nine-to-five jobs. Is it fake? Absolutely, not. You can also do it. Just be careful who to follow and what links to clink, to avoid being a victim.

Aside from the monetary benefits of having a blog, some people do it because of passion. And it is the way it should be, specially if you are just starting. It’s because if you think of it as a get-rich-quick scheme, you’ll become easily exhausted as the results can come late, or not at all if errors were made.

Who Can Blog?

So to answer the title above, blogging is for everyone who wants to. There is no barrier even though you’re not a good writer or a grammarian. I am not a gifted writer as well, but I continuously practice and learn. If you’re scared on the coding part, there are plenty of YouTube videos you can follow. Or plugins can be installed to skip the coding process.

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Blogging is like an online diary. You can share your amazing photos you capture. You can help others by lending those DIY itineraries you have made on your last travels. Tips can be given too. If you do well, you can be an influencer which can give you endless opportunities.

So here we are, starting again in the bandwagon of online blogging. Backed with passion, we’ll be updating this blog not just for monetary benefits but also as a way of reaching out to others. I hope you try it too.

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