Jaizel Arts YouTube Channel Launched

Digital Arts YouTube Channel

After a lot of “I want to launch my own YouTube channel, I also want to become a YouTuber, I want to upload tutorial videos on YouTube,” I finally take my first foot forward and launched Jaizel Arts on the video platform.


It’s true that the hardest thing to do when it comes to planning is to start. We have lots of ideas in our mind, when we are on our commute, lying in bed or procrastinating at work, we tend to think on what we want to do. But despite that mega ideas populating in our head, taking action seems to be pretty hard. And that’s what differs thinkers from the successful ones.

In my situation, I was also like that: lots of ideas, my notes are full with nice topics, but it’s always starting that blocks my way. But during my weeks of quarantine in this covid journey, I finally found the opportunity to start my YouTube channel.

As I rest, isolate and get well from this Covid virus, I gathered my cellphone and started making videos. If you would be so kind to visit my channel, you can see that it’s rather simple as I am still on the process of learning and having a grip on this new space. I am a long time blogger but vlogging is new to me. With this, I’ll just keep making videos and editing them so it will just be a walk in the park in the future.

What if no one subscribes? What if no one watches my videos? What if I never get to able to monetize my channel? Those also came to my mind. It’s stressful if you’re gonna think of it. But my advice is do what you love to do. Even if no one cares, watch or share. Just do what you love and eventually they will follow. If not, you became happy doing what you makes you feel happy. Win-win, right?

That’s all with my short blog post. Please do subscribe and watch my videos on Jaizel Arts YouTube channel. Advanced Thank you! <3

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