Joining a Car Club in the Philippines: Benefits

No man is an island. Who’s not familiar with that saying? Since we’re young, society tell us that numbers give us strength. It is but normal for us to search for a group, a club or a community where we meet new people – to blend in, contribute and to feel we belong. For first time car owners like me, searching for a club was a top priority. My goal was to read reviews and be warned of defects/lemon signs. So in this section, let’s talk about the advantages and benefits joining a car club can give.

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On my teenage years, I commonly see car groups hanging out to famous gasoline stations on weekend nights. It looks cool to be honest. But I’m not an RK (rich kid) and does not own a car back then so that picture marked on my mind. Upon having a work, computed my expenses and ranked my priorities, I got a car and that memory returned. So the day after getting the car out of the dealership / casa, I joined a car club.

What’s a Car Club?

According to Wikipedia, “A car club or automotive enthusiast community is a group of people who share a common interest in motor vehicles.”

It is commonly grouped in terms of car models. Others are established according to place of origin and some just a pack of enthusiasts that has close ties with each other regardless of the vehicle they are driving.

In these days, major car clubs are mostly dominated by late millennials and young adults in working class. But age does not really matter. I witnessed a variety of members with different jobs, businesses, in all walks of life. There’s a place for everybody even for an introvert like me.

Advantages of Joining a Car Club

  1. Socialize

    Make new friends. Personally, it’s hard for me to reach out to people. But they say facing our fears will make us stronger. So I grabbed the opportunity to be part of a larger group and break the barriers of being an anti-social inside me. I meet new people, exchange ideas and synergize with them.

  2. Access to Information

    The owner’s manual does not says it all. Yes, it packs a lot of information regarding your unit but real-world experiences will give you vast credible knowledge. Also, defects are not included in the manual. No units are perfect, so if a particular one has posed a weakness, others can avoid it or they can foresee it and be prepared.

  3. Wide Range of Suppliers and Services 

    This one is gold. Some people go to casa direction — from maintenance to parts and services. Yes, their service and expertise are top-notch but I discovered that there are plenty other genuine parts supplier and technicians out there that can install car accessories and do services (such as change oil) in also casa-like quality. Just be mindful of warranty terms in case you consider this option.

  4. Car Club Activities 

    Aside from your routinary company activities, car club events are another thing to look forward to. From coffee EB (eyeball), basketball games, summer outing, charity works, anniversary, Christmas party, car shows, and my personal favorite — fun rides, you’ll enjoy these as much as your car will do. Fun ride looks cool as same cars travel to places line up, pose for pictures and have a joyride.

  5. Discount at Dealerships and Businesses Owned by Members 

    You read it right. Majority of car clubs establish partnerships with some dealerships / casa for additional perks and discounts. Some are willing to give up to 30% discount on Preventive Maintenance Schedule parts and labor on official members. Others give bonus snacks for group PMS. Other members with owned businesses extends their hand by giving away discounts and coupons. Very nice, isn’t it?

  6. Road Assistance 

    When you’re travelling to places and your car broke down, a club’s assistance is a welcoming solution. Many are willing to help and it’s not limited to car-related problems as well.

  7. Camaraderie on the Road

    Noticed some automobiles honking when they passed on each other? They are probably car club members. Commonly, car clubs require their official members to have a sticker on the front and the back. This is like an ID, so next time you meet a co-member on the road, you can greet him/her by sounding your horn.

  8. A Targeted Market for Entrepreneurs 

    For business owners selling accessories, insurance, car agents, PMS supplies and other related items, being in a car club is a very big advantage. You have your targeted market in front of you, and advertising budget is significantly cut off. With a reasonable price and good aftermarket service, this is a win-win situation for the buyer and seller.

Are those reasons enough to convince you in joining a car club? Or do you want to tinker your car yourself? Consider joining one to try and taste the benefits listed here. Maybe, you’ll find more reasons to join upon entering.

Here are some Car Clubs I found on Facebook/Web/Road:

  • United Car Clubs of the Philippines
  • Hyundai Eon Owners Club Philippines
  • The WIGO CLUB Philippines
  • Toyota Wigo Club Philippines
  • SCCP (Suzuki Celerio Club Philippines)
  • Ford Everest Club Philippines (FECP)
  • Altis Club Philippines
  • Honda City Club Philippines
  • Vios Club Philippines
  • Fortuner Club Philippines
  • Accent Club Philippines
  • Team Montero Sport Philippines
  • Toyota New Vios Philippines
  • Sentra Club Philippines
  • Toyota Hilux Club Philippines
  • Honda Jazz Club of the Philippines
  • TMP – Team Mirage Philippines


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