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The heat was on and our barkada’s longing for another bonding trip after long irksome months of work. Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort was a great match as raised by one of us after her Zambales trip recently. Other famous beaches in the region, Anawangin and Potipot, was crowded already so choosing where to go was easy.

Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort

How to go?

The trip was planned easily and with less preparation. We didn’t had any reservation, just a contact number of a boatman going to the island. Mall of Asia was our meeting place at 7 in the evening. After buying foods we headed to Pasay and hopped on a Victory Liner bus at 11pm bound to Iba, Zambales. After a 6-hour travel and a good night sleep in the bus, we arrived at the terminal, bought some goodies and took another bus bound to Veritas. There, lies a TODA going to Luan port where the boats going to the islands dock.

Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort

The tricycle ride was long and the road was rough, but nonetheless fun as the excitement kicked in. At the Luan port, we were approached by the boatmen, talked a bit and waited for our turn as there are some bakasyonistas also that time. There were also a couple of vans parked nearby.

The boat ride was short and reached Ruiz resort in a jiffy. The sea was friendly despite facing the ocean. As our feet touched the sands, we were refreshed and regained our energy back. The beach was good, we didn’t expect very much as informed by our barkada who organized this trip because our last beach getaway together was atΒ Calaguas islandΒ that packs very fine white sands that can rival or better (for others) those in Boracay.

Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort

Even so, the sand caressed our feet and the feeling just beside the sea was soothing. There were leaves fallen from the trees but blended well with the beach’s floor. The water is clean with bluish/turquoise color. The dark blue parts you can see in the picture are sea weeds which won’t hurt your feet, but be careful with some starfishes lying around.

Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort

We rented three tents at 250 each which is good enough for two persons. We marked our spot near an outdoor kitchen as shown below. For other things you need — utensils, gaas, ice, cooking supplies, etc, just go to the store of the caretaker and they will give you what you need for a reasonable price tag.

Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort

Enjoy the Beach

If you’re fond of going to the beach then you’re already familiar on activities you can do here. But remember, though, that this is not urbanized just like puerto galera and boracay. There are no fancy bars, hotels, etc. But this is what we’ve liked — a bonding with nature without the loud noises and social climbers around. Lol.

Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort

Enjoy your time with friends, ready those selfie pods, drones and dslrs and have fun taking pictures with scenic backgrounds. Cook your food or buy ready-to-eat ones on the sari-sari store/canteen. Play beach volleyball.

Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort

There’s also water rafting offered in Ruiz beach resort. For ~P200 each you can enjoy bracing yourself against the waves of the sea as you’re dragged by a jetski. It’s so fun as you brace up and endure not to fall.

Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort

At night, we asked the caretaker if we can make a bonfire, fortunately it’s permitted. You have to gather your firewood or ask some locals to provide you some. Beware also of burning nearby plants or other combustible materials. Leave no trace applies as well. Don’t forget to pay the local’s hard work.

Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort

One of the bright tips when travelling is to wake up early. In these golden hours, you can see the real beauty of the place and get picturesque shots easily. The beauty of Magalawa island woke us up next morning. We immediately gathered our cameras and posed for selfies.

Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort, sun rise ph

The weeds were cleaned early in the morning by the caretakers of the resort. The water is refreshing and inviting to do the your morning swim.

Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort

Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Magalawa Island, Zambales. The place was relaxing and the long-ride was worth-it. The caretakers of the resort were approachable as well.
Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort

Some expenses paid:

  • Manila to Iba: P362
  • Iba to Veritas: P34
  • Veritas TODA to Luan port: P100
  • Boat ride: P100/depending on your deal if by group
  • Tent: P250 or dependent on size
  • Rafting: P200
  • Cellphone charging: P10 per full charge
  • Souvenir shirt: P250 all sizes
  • Veritas to Olongapo: P140
  • Olongapo to Pasay: P250
  • Our foods, alcohol, other stuff: ~P400
Total of around P2000 each person.
Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort
Quick facts:
  • Electricity is present with the help of generators
  • There are plenty of bathroom units
  • You cannot pass to the neighbor beach, Armada due to strict policies
  • There are other stores around, ask the locals for direction

Magalawa Island Ruiz Camp Resort

Magalawa Island, Palauig, Philippines
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