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Quezon Province tourist spots

Whether you’re coming from the busy urban place like Manila or from the rural areas of Bicol, Quezon Province seats pretty well in the middle hinting us as our next travel destination. The province has been known for their Pahiyas festival, but recently, social media has been flooded with their new exciting offerings. Let’s see some Quezon province tourist spots we’ve visited.

I had plotted several must-go spots around Quezon and Laguna but due to time constraints we only managed to go three spots. Our first stop was Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Seafood Restaurant and Air Summit Gourmet which is in one complex. We had a long drive so we decided to fill our stomachs first.

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Seafood Restaurant and Air Summit Gourmet

air summit gourmet

Air Summit Gourmet is a one-of-a-kind airplane-themed restaurant. Actually, it is a real airplane. You must first go to the Immigration booth where the Information/reservation is located. It is usually full specially on weekends so you have to queue. The staff are dressed with a cabin crew uniform.

air summit gourmet quezon

Located in the same complex is the Kamayan sa Palaisdaan. We had our sumptuous lunch here as we planned to eat our dessert at the plane after then.  The wait is not too long but the tables were limited due to a volume of guests that flock to this restaurant.

We ordered some lumpia, laing, liempo, bulalo, ginataang sugpo. All were delicious and with right amount of serving for the four of us. Our bill totaled at around P1600.

Quezon Province tourist spots

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

Kamay ni Hesus

Kamay ni Hesus

A must-go Quezon Province tourist spot on our list is a pilgrimage site frequently visited specially during Holy Week known as Kamay ni Hesus. I wanted to go here also on Lent season but hindered by the fact that it would be so jam-packed with devotees. So, during our weekend road-trip, we included this destination to pray, reflect and enjoy the view atop a hill.

We went to the church first to say our wishes (first-time visitor must-do). Then, we took a couple of shots at the Noah’s Ark which serves as a retreat house and other related activities. Around are the Garden of Eden and scenes from the Bible depicted by statues.

Kamay ni Hesus

Due to the steep look of the 300-step hill, we planned to hike just half of it. Along the way, we took a couple of rest as we feel exhaustion bit by bit. But after reaching half the climb near the statue of Mama Mary, we decided to push through the top to see the 50-foot Risen Christ statue.

Kamay ni Hesus

The view from above was amazing. You can feel the cold air touching your skin, recharging our tired bodies. After some snapping some pics, we descended on the right side of the hill which was way easier as it’s just a straight downward path.

Kamay ni Hesus

Quezon Province tourist spots

For regular mass / healing mass schedules, donations and other questions please visit their website.

Kamay ni Hesus
Lucban – Tayabas Rd, Lucban, Quezon Province

Batis Aramin

Just right across Kamay ni Hesus is Batis Aramin. It’s becoming popular nowadays due to its newest additions – the Hobbit houses and flower garden. The former is similar to what you can see in New Zealand visited by Lord of the Rings fans, while the latter is a large garden with colorful flowers/leaves similar to those in Taiwan.

batis aramin quezon province garden pics

Batis Aramin is a Resort and Hotel located at the mountainous area of Lucban. Due to its strategic location, it is popular for company events, family outing and staycations. You can enjoy the relaxing place close to nature, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

batis aramin garden couple, batis aramin blog, quezon travel guide

batis aramin quezon province hobbit

We can only give you a gist on what to experience here as we just happened to do a quick ocular before dawn. But after the short trip, it is already included on our bucket list for swimming and staycation or a hotel to go to after a hike on Mount Banahaw.

batis aramin garden couple, batis aramin blog, quezon travel guide

Here are some shots at the beautiful garden they developed. They have some small kubos and other props including a Beetle car and bike perfect for couples and pre-nup photo session.

batis aramin quezon province

batis aramin quezon province garden

There are a couple of Hobbit houses near the garden just a few minutes walk through tall corn plantation. We don’t know if the houses are indeed a real room or just an adornment but one thing’s for sure, they are really Instagrammable and picture-worthy.

batis aramin garden couple, batis aramin blog, quezon travel guide, hobbit house

Batis Aramin Hotel and Resort
Lucban – Tayabas Rd, Lucban, 4328 Quezon
(042) 540 4401

Day Tour (includes swimming)
Adult P200 Kids P170
Adult P170 Kids P150

Bukid Amara

Quezon Province tourist spots

Credits to Bukid Amara

Located at Sitio Aramin, Barangay Malupak is a flower farm famous due to its TV appearance on “The Killer Bride” is Bukid Amara. Its still on our bucket-list as we lacked time during our Quezon trip. But for our blog readers, we made a sample itinerary and you can cover the four tourist spots listed in this article in a day or two.

Quezon Province tourist spots

Bukid Amara is a flower farm that’s formerly private and now opened to the public for just P100. You can also eat some snacks they offer. With their large variety of flower and plants, you can definitely take some picturesque shots you can post on Instagram and Facebook.

Bukid Amara Facebook page

Sample Itinerary Quezon Province Tourist Spots

4:00 AM – Meet – Up at Pasay

8:00 AM – Arrival at Kamay ni Hesus + Breakfast

11:00 AM – Air Summit Gourmet / Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan Lunch

1:00 PM – Batis Aramin

3:00 PM – Bukid Amara

5:00 PM – Departure at Lucban, Quezon

9:00 PM Arrival at Manila

For the expenses, Depending on food you order, I think it’s safe to assume P1000 each excluding transpo. There are a couple of joiner tours available at FB at that price as well.

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