Self-employed vs Employee or Both?

Is it possible to be both an employee and an entrepreneur? Or do you need to choose just one?

self-employed vs employee

Society’s Norm

I was born in a country wherein parents send their children to school, tell them to get good grades so they can have a good job and make money in the future. This norm can also be seen in other countries, but being in a not-so-rich country gives you a heavier exposure, thus, making it look like the only path young ones can go to.

Thanks to the boom of social media wherein people now can see in a wider view. There are more information and opportunities that are available which are hidden in shadows for a long time. But being so accustomed to the tradition, coping to the outer world is still a hard reach.

Childhood Ambitions

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” – One of the questions we faced when we were young. And after that, another question goes, “Do you want to be a doctor, engineer, lawyer?…”  This is why our society is trapped in a mindset that we must be a good employee, rather than being an employer. We can still hear these questions until now. But is it that bad? Actually not. We just have to add another choice — becoming an entrepreneur.

I also grew like that, wherein being an employee is the only way to go. But I don’t blame my parents, since almost all of the others do that as well. I actually thank them because they advised me to take an engineering course, that I didn’t expect to be a good match for me.

Being an Employee and its Advantages

Some people legitimately choose their path being an employee, having a nine-to-five job. I, myself, is one of them. But what are the reasons behind it? Here are some:

  • Your job is your passion. There are still individuals who work because of passion, whether it’s teaching, public service, curing the sick, implementing the law, etc. Those people feels like living their dream and are mostly self-motivated making them the top performers of the company.
  • Working with Colleagues. Many of us want to be around with people, enjoy their presence, support and break time chats. But sometimes, this can also be the reason why others leave the company.
  • Gain Knowledge. It’s not that you can’t learn on your own, but being in the corporate world allows you to gather special skills and learnings not possible on the outside world.
  • Job Security. Many believe that working in a company gives them the security of earning continuously. But this is not true. Even regular employees can be terminated the next day if ever a company rule is violated. Also, even big companies experience bad losses that force them to layoff some of their employees.
  • Consistent Salary and Benefits. Similar to being in a secured job, having a consistent salary is one of the reasons why majority of employees don’t want to leave. The bills are consistently coming every month and we should have a consistent stream of income to pay them. Some company’s benefits are also so good that you can enjoy work-life balance, travel places, have brand new car every x year, and so on…

Being an Entrepreneur and Its Leverage

Having enumerated some reasons to be an employee, there are equivalent or additional benefits we can see by being your own boss. Here are some of them:

  • Doing Your Passion. Yes some employees have this but being an entrepreneur allows you to choose freely. You can multiply this by doing business with different partners and customers. It is not possible when bound by strict company rules.
  • Being Your Own Boss. Some people find it hard to work by simply following their boss or rules made by the company. Having your own business allows you to build your own set of rules, decide for your own and be the leader of your life.
  • Freedom. A breathe of fresh air. Freedom of time, where you want to work, and when you want to wake up are just some benefits of being your own boss. Even though not instantly enjoyed by new businessman but once you’ve set things up, financial freedom will give you tons of benefits only few people can enjoy.
  • Work-Life-Balance. How can you say that there’s work-life-balance if you’re away from home and to the ones you love almost the whole day? Some people do not know that commuting to and from work counts in the Work section, and what’s worse is that it’s an unpaid work. If you have a successful business, you can enjoy the different aspects of your life more, discover and reach farther.
  • Eliminate Income Barrier. An employee has a predetermined salary based on his functions in the company, wherein an entrepreneur has his income directly proportional to the efforts exerted. High risk, more effort, will yield higher reward. Unless you’re a very good sales people or other commission based worker, it’s hard to do as an employee.

Possible Options

I do not want to demoralize employees and say, quit your nine-to-five jobs, etc, etc. You see that advice often now, don’t you? It can be read on Facebook feeds, websites, blogs, everywhere. There are lots of “gurus” out there saying do this, do that to earn money and quit your job. It’s not as easy as that, and not for everybody. But believe me, almost all of those gurus will have something to offer you, to buy their course, products, and services that supplements their dream lifestyle. But is it bad? It is not. There are many that sells quality products and changes lives; channel their success to other aspirants. It’s just that it’s not for everybody.

Choosing is not the only option. You can do both, and I do this. If you are an employee now, learn lot of things and build your empire later. Or you can continue be an employee and entrepreneur simultaneously by doing business at your spare time or entering business models that allow you to reap while you sleep. I will be posting some ways on how to do them as I experience them myself. So please stay tuned.

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