Shercon Resort: Day tour, Hotel and Activities in Batangas

Batangas packs plenty of nice places to go to and we have already covered some in our previous posts. In fact, it’s in very close proximity to Cintai and Marian Orchard. What I’m talking about is a Hotel and Resort that you might have already seen in your social media feeds – Shercon Resort. Yes, in one day, you can cover all these places and flood your Instagram account with picturesque shots.

Our recent team building was held in Shercon. For a company that has around 200 employees or more, I think this place was just right.

It was my second time wandering in this resort. My girlfriend and I had toured it 3 years ago (for free ocular) and I’ve seen the additional features since then. Futher more, the place were indeed well preserved and maintained. Here were some of our pictures.

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Their signature layered swimming pool pockets was not yet constructed back then. It was still a camping site, If I remember correctly.

Seeing it in person for first time, I was amazed that it looked like the same with the pics on the web. It’s like a rice terraces made of swimming pools, plus the overlooking view of Taal lake.

Going there

If you will be commuting from Manila, it’s just 3 rides away:
First, from Buendia or Cubao, ride busses going to Lipa, Batangas.
Then, at the bus stop at SM Lipa ride a jeep to Mataas na Kahoy.
Drop off at 7/11. From there, ask the driver to take you at Shercon.

For private vehicles, just follow waze just like what we did. It’s easy to find and you’ll have a scenic view of Taal Lake along the way.

The Swimming Pools

There were lots of swimming pools (Maybe 5 more) I saw around aside from the pool terraces that showcases 11 pocket pools areanged in amphitheater style. Below are some shots I’ve taken. If I have missed one, please tell me.

Here’s one located beside the basket ball court. It has a kiddie pool and adult pool with a small function hall.

Another one near the lifesized chess. Yes, there’s a giant chessboard with chess pieces 5ft tall.

Here’s are more pools.

This is a small pool near our accommodation. Few steps after going down the path from the basketball court.

And here’s our favorite, an infinity pool overlooking the Taal lake. This one has the most picturesque view of the lake but also the farthest of them all. It has pillars that sprays water at a prescribed interval. We spent the sunset here and it was marvelous.

Other amenities

Shercon resort has a tower where you can do rock climbing, rappelling, and riding a zip line which is 200 meters long. I didn’t tried any as I am not comfortable on dealing with high altitudes. But kudos to the guides, Traverse, as they were polite and well-trained as I watch them take care of my colleagues.

There’s a hanging bridge where you can take pictures. But I think, its surroundings need some trimming.

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For your life events such as weddings and birthday parties, they have nice facilities made specially for them.

I also saw wedding pictorials or prenups being done here. Plenty of beautiful backgrounds you can use, indeed.

Entrance Fees & Accommodations

With a vast area to enjoy and wander, Shercon Resort has an affordable rate for everyone to enjoy. For adults, the entrance fee is P250 per pax. And for kids, 4 to 7 years old, it’s P150 each.

For day tour goers, you can avail their nipa huts/ kubo on top of entrance fees:

  • Kubo Single – P800
  • Twin – P1000
  • Family – P1500
  • Japanese Kubo – P800
  • Mini Pavilion and Kubo Cabana – P2000
  • Bahay Kubo with A/C – P3000
  • Farm Hut with A/c – P3500


For overnight accomodations, the usual rate is P5000 and P1000 for each exceeding persons:

  • Club Manuel Suites – This is the building located in front of our favorite infinity pool overlooking the Lake of Taal and magnificent mountain ridges.
  • Forestville Suites is the one purposely situated beside the pocket pool. It has a function hall in the third floor and accomodate hundreds of guests.
  • Club Manuel Cabins. These are cute cabins also overlooking the Taal lake. It has a large grassy field beside it ideal for picnics while enjoying the majesty of mother nature. It’s also nearby a function hall where many weddings were already held.
  • Forestville Cabins. This is where we’ve stayed. It is a two story villa ideal for 12 pax. A minipool is made accessible to Forestville guests.


  1. According to their website, reservation is required but they do accept walk-ins on off-peak times. However, it is always recommended to book in advance so you can choose where you’ll stay. On peak seasons, it will be very hard to find a room as many company conducts outing activities as well.
  2. They have a restaurant inside called Sam’s Kitchen. If you’re in a budget, I suggest to bring in or cook your own food. They do not have corkage fees, unlike other resorts.
  3. Bring insect repellants as there are many mosquitoes near the bushes and grassy areas.
  4. You can bring your own tent – free pitching. There’s a hill I mentioned above that’s great for camping.
  5. You can ask the security guards for free tour around the resort with their carts. The place is huge if you will be walking from point to point. But it’s a worthy exercise if you’re at it.



Our Thoughts:

  • Shercon has plenty of amenities that it can handle multiple company team-buildings at once.
  • Overnight rates are a bit steep in my opinion. Maybe the rooms are designed for multiple occupancy, not for two persons. 
  • There are no showers near the pools; it may increase pool accumulation of dirt. Moreover, no strict implementation of swimming pool attire rules is applied.
  • The maze is nice but it could have some make over so it would be more appealing.
  • There are water stations on activity areas. Good job.
  • The staff and Traverse personnel are polite and well trained.
  • There are areas that needs trimming and landscaping, but generally, the whole resort looks well taken care of being an ecology park.


Shercon Resort and Ecology Park

Brgy. San Sebastian, Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas
Office hours: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Mobile Nos: 0917-506-1204, 0922-838-5293, 0939-904-7130 , (043) 703-0002, (043) 774-9439


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