SMDC Tagaytay Staycation

SMDC Tagaytay Staycation Experience

Being a favorite place to visit if you’re lazy of thinking where to go next, Tagaytay has been on the top list for a quick destress weekend. The place’s weather is perfect for summer season, and the breathtaking view of the Taal Lake is something you can’t get use to. With this, we tried Tagaytay staycation at a well known condo.

SMDC Tagaytay Staycation

Chill out, try our drone and experience another staycation were our main objective on this visit. We searched for an accommodation that suits our budget. Our criteria that time were:

-has a swimming pool
-nice amenities
-cheap but interesting
-has an open space to fly our drone

Booking via Airbnb

We normally use other apps on searching for accommodations, but this time we used Airbnb. There were plenty of listings to choose from but there’s this one that fitted our needs and available with our very late booking.

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We chose SMDC Wind Residences and found a superhost – meaning he/she garnered lots of positive reviews from his/her guests. The photos are nice, not that chabby but presentable. Upon paying via credit card, she texted us few minutes after and gave the number of the condo unit’s caretaker to us.

SMDC Tagaytay Staycation

After driving an hour from Batangas via Ligaya drive, we arrived and checked in at 3pm. We saw the caretaker immediately. She welcomed and ushered us to the reception area where the guests must register and deposit a valid ID in exchange for a gate pass. After that, she accompanied us to the unit and explained the rules and regulations.

First impressions

Wind residences with its towering high structures looks nice from the road. The lobby is cozy and has a good classy ambiance. The staffs and security guards are also polite. Elevators work fine and the place looks well maintained.

SMDC Tagaytay Staycation

For the unit, the design seems basic but feels comfy – It’s like you’re in your own room. There’s a wooden wall that divides the sala from the bedroom. We saw other rooms via Airbnb app in the same condo and compared to them, this unit seemed traditional.

[one_half]SMDC Tagaytay Staycation[/one_half] [one_half_last]SMDC Tagaytay Staycation[/one_half_last]

It has a tv with digital receiver (not cable, I think), wifi, soft sala set, refrigerator, chairs and tables, and a double deck bed. The whole unit can accommodate up to four guests only. So for the price of P2699 that’s just P675 each person. Overall, we’re satisfied with it and to our host.

[one_half]SMDC Tagaytay Staycation[/one_half] [one_half_last]SMDC Tagaytay Staycation[/one_half_last]

I don’t know if the centralized aircon works or not but the natural ambient air of Tagaytay is enough to cool you down. By the way, the restroom has a hot and cold shower also.

SMDC Wind Residences’ Clubhouse

Before, guests can enjoy the club house for free but the management now collects payment of P150 per pax for the use of the swimming pool. You have to pay at the second tower from the right and present the receipt to the receptionist at the clubhouse.

SMDC Tagaytay Staycation

It has three swimming pools, two outdoor and another indoor. You can swim up to 10pm, but do mind the temperature as it was freezing cold at around 20 degrees Celsius during our stay. There’s also a gym, function rooms, billiard tables, darts, basketball, badminton and lawn tennis court, and kiddie playground.

[one_half]SMDC Tagaytay Staycation[/one_half] [one_half_last]SMDC Tagaytay Staycation[/one_half_last]

The jogging path is huge. Theres a vacant lot on the middle where we flew our drones. There were also other guests/owners who flew their drones with us. The open field was so wide where we enjoyed filming and picture taking.

SMDC Tagaytay Staycation

The restroom caught my attention with its western design. It’s not yet finished but you can see the sophisticated style on it.

[one_half]SMDC Tagaytay Staycation[/one_half] [one_half_last]SMDC Tagaytay Staycation[/one_half_last]

There’s a couple of shops at the 1st floor of the buildings: Pizza Hut, DQ, Ace Hardware, BDO and there’s also a 7/11 where you can have a quick grocery. The parking on the front is expensive at P40 for the first 3 hours and P20 per hour thereafter. The caretaker recommended us to park at the clubhouse area where overnight parking is just P100.

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Nearby establishments to name a few are, Sky Ranch, Summit Ridge, Escala, Gerry’s Grill and few other restaurants. You can easily commute to mahogany market and other point of interest easily as the buildings are so accessible.

What we really like

-scenic garden
-love the open field
-clubhouse and other amenities

SMDC Tagaytay Staycation

Needs improvement

-parking, it costs a lot.
-WiFi is so limited. I think it’s around ~700mb only.
-sky deck. We thought this was finished already.
-restrooms are promising but is unfinished as well.
-must have a heated pool or a small jacuzzi. With that cold ambient air, it’s unbearable to swim at night.

Tagaytay Staycation

Overall, our stay was hassle-free and we were able to meet our objectives stated above. The response of the host was quick and recommendable. This will be on our list if ever we wanted to stay at Tagaytay again. We will visit a couple of more accommodations so we can help you decide should you want another staycation soon.

SMDC Tagaytay Staycation


  1. Book early so you can choose superhosts or units which offers scenic view of the Taal Lake.
  2. Plan your trip to maximize your time.
  3. Do not hesitate to approach the guards when you’re having a hard time going around.
  4. Park at the back of the clubhouse.
  5. Do your groceries outside.

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