Shercon Resort: Day tour, Hotel and Activities in Batangas

Batangas packs plenty of nice places to go to and we have already covered some in our previous posts. In fact, it’s in very close proximity to Cintai and Marian Orchard. What I’m talking about is a Hotel and Resort that you might have already seen in your social media feeds – Shercon Resort. Yes, in one day, you can cover all these places and flood your Instagram account with picturesque shots. Our recent team […]

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SMDC Tagaytay Staycation

SMDC Tagaytay Staycation Experience

Being a favorite place to visit if you’re lazy of thinking where to go next, Tagaytay has been on the top list for a quick destress weekend. The place’s weather is perfect for summer season, and the breathtaking view of the Taal Lake is something you can’t get use to. With this, we tried Tagaytay staycation at a well known condo. Chill out, try our drone and experience another staycation were our main objective on […]

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