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Staycation at Las Casas | Anniversary Celebration

We had a tradition of celebrating our anniversary at some place we’ve never been to. This year, we could have set another out of the country celebration but due to some uncontrolled expenses (and investments), we decided to do it within the country. And it was an easy decision for us to celebrate at the beautiful Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. Las Casas Heritage Resort Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar earned its fame through its […]

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Boracay blog – First Time Trip

Finally, here’s my Boracay blog after planning to go here for a very long time. Yes, it’s my first visit here and haven’t seen the previous look before its rehabilitation last year as spearheaded by Duterte’s administration. We’ve traveled to many beaches but I feel bothered to go on due to the reason that I haven’t been to the most popular beach on the Philippines – – Boracay. Certainly, it is the most popular beach […]

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boracay via 2go ship

Travelling to Boracay via 2Go Experience | Review

The new Boracay screams huge improvement from the recent 6-month rehabilitation last year. But for me, Boracay was a dream until weeks ago wherein I finally stepped my feet on its white sand and pristine water. Also, thinking of going to Boracay but on a tight budget? Going Do-It-Yourself will do the trick similar to what we did this month. And in our travel itinerary, we chose traveling to Boracay via 2GO rather than a […]

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Hong Kong Macau 4D3N Itinerary | Day 2: Disneyland and Peak Tram

Hong Kong Disneyland and Peak Tram   Who wouldn’t love Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters? Some would say, Hong Kong Disneyland is just for kids, we say it’s for kid’s at heart and for those who wanna have fun! We certainly had fun on our first day but the excitement was still intact as we move on to our 2nd day itinerary. But again, we got off our bed late in the morning due […]

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Hong Kong Macau 4D3N Itinerary | Travel Guide | Day 1: Ocean Park

Getting outside the country for the first time and thinking of the most suitable destination abroad? Then Hong Kong might be the right one. It’s just pretty close, packs lots of beautiful attractions and foreigner-friendly. Read on for our travel experience, itinerary and more.   Each of us has our own bucket list or places we want to go to whether it’s a local destination or abroad. For the latter, two countries have been on […]

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Romblon Island Tour 2018: Itinerary, Travel Tips

We were searching of beautiful beaches we can go to for our birthday celebration this year. Boracay could have been our destination but we had time constraints plus the ongoing cleaning of the island might pose uncertainties. Thank goodness, I found a very place that piqued my interest after watching a local show. Romblon Island, here we go! Why Romblon Island? Yeah, we seldom hear this island as a favorite beach destination. Even the locals […]

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masungi georeserve climb, blog

Masungi Georeserve: Fun at the Giant Hammock

When my girlfriend told me that we’re going to Masungi, I was so excited; I smelled adventure! But along with that, I felt chill down my spines due to my fear of heights. Not that afraid really, but I won’t try Extreme ride in Enchanted Kingdom again. Nevertheless, I am determined to face my fears. So, here’s a short travel blog on our Masungi Georeserve adventure. Sitting at the southern Sierra Madre range in Baras, […]

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Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort

Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort | Beach Camp

The heat was on and our barkada’s longing for another bonding trip after long irksome months of work. Magalawa Island Ruiz Resort was a great match as raised by one of us after her Zambales trip recently. Other famous beaches in the region, Anawangin and Potipot, was crowded already so choosing where to go was easy. How to go? The trip was planned easily and with less preparation. We didn’t had any reservation, just a […]

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Singapore Botanic Garden and National Orchid Garden Tour

We all know that Singapore offers a lot of tourist attractions, but there’s one that made my trip more colorful and memorable. Pretty flowers, exotic blooms, and fresh air will surely bring out the love of nature in you. Experience it too by visiting Singapore Botanic Garden. Singapore Botanic Garden History The garden was founded on its present site by an agri-horticultural society in 1859. It played a huge part on the boom of rubber […]

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calaguas travel guide 2017 2018

Calaguas Beach, the Favorite: Travel Guide & Itinerary

Recently, someone created a poll in a facebook travel group and asked which of the Philippine beaches they visited is their favorite. Do you know the top answer? It’s Calaguas beach, and it was a landslide victory. Calaguas island is my personal favorite as well. Even though getting there is not that easy – eight hours on the bus and two hours on rough ocean, it was definitely worth it. So if you are starting […]

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