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After being officially back online, I wanted some changes and try something new. Back then, I used blogger as my blogging platform. It was simple, very easy to use and has all the basic tools you need on starting a blog. Also, it does not need extra effort on putting your site on first page of Google search, or what you can do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To improve my site’s look and achieve what I want what my blog to be like, I learned basic html coding. It’s not that hard to be honest, and there’s plenty of articles that you can follow. Sometimes you’ll just copy and paste the code and you’ll see the effect. Google AdSense is also integrated in the dashboard as well as basic web analytics.

But why did I transfer from Blogger to WordPress after I came back?  It’s not that I just wanted something new, there were also factors I considered on taking the shift. Please see below:

Benefits of WordPress over Blogger:

  1. More themes. There are tons of themes available on the internet. Many are quality themes that looks very polished and professional. In my case, I used Storefront by Woocommerce since I want it to be online shop compatible. You can find really good theme for affordable prices.
  2. Search Engine Optimization. As Google loves their own blogging platform, WordPress-powered sites also dominates the first few pages of your Google search. It’s because there are plugins that really lend a hand for you to achieve such results.
  3. WordPress’ support is everywhere. It’s because more than 25% of the world’s site uses it. So in turn, there are communities and armies of users you can cling to if you encountered road blocks on doing your website or blog.
  4. Plenty of plugins. As I browse the plugins in WordPress, I was overwhelmed with the amount of plugins available. I was also amazed that even the alterations with coding is available via plugins. But be careful as using many of them can slow down your site or put it in danger of hacking.
  5. Business-ready. This is my main reason why I liked WordPress. You can launch an online store in just hours! In fact, many online stores run with WordPress due to vast customization you can do.

So there you are, some notable benefits of WordPress. Choose what platform meets your requirements and budget. If you are plainly into blogging, I suggest Blogger as you can just spend little on the domain name and learn as you explore. If you are confident enough to learn some codes and develop your website other than being a simple blog, use WordPress.

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